The Most Disturbing Sentence Written In Technology News This Week

From Silicon Republic talking about google glass:

Tech blogger Robert Scoble has been so transfixed by his experience of Google Glass that he has vowed to never take the eyewear off, even taking to wearing it in the shower.

You can’t unread something like that.

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Game of Thrones Opening Done in the style of “Friends”

Funny and clever edit to make a Game of thrones opener that looks like “Friends”.

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Apple just can’t win really

From a hatchet piece on Apple’s earnings on

Jan Dawson, an analyst at research firm Ovum, said Apple had beaten financial analysts’ estimates and its own guidance – something which could cause it problems in the long term.

“In some ways, beating guidance was the worst thing Apple could have done, after it had said last quarter that it would provide more realistic guidance and aim to hit rather than beat it,” she said.

“A large part of the problem with Apple’s share price is that it has trained analysts to expect two things: ever-increasing revenues and profits, and that it will beat its own guidance consistently.

So, if Apple does better than expected, it’s doing bad, but if it hadn’t done as well as expected the analysts would also be predicting doom. Just like they have been for the past few months. Analysts don’t care what’s good for Apple as a company, all they care about is what Apple can do for Wall Street. They treat it like a financial company, which of course is bullshit, because it’s not.

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Tim Cook: Apple Has ‘Lots of Surprises’ in Store for This Fall and 2014

In other words, no new products until the fall. This will be the longest time Apple has gone without a new product introduction that I remember. I can understand the reasoning – they want to do annual releases and the fall is the best time to do it. I do wonder though how that’s going to play out over time. Will it affect traffic numbers at the stores for the rest of the year? It could of course be just a blip as they re-organise some things internally. Interesting, none the less.

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The Technology Geek’s Top 10 Wishes for iOS 7

typing on iPad

We know it’s coming and we know it will have Jonny Ive’s design stamp on it, but feature wise, I don’t think anyone has had any solid rumours of what might be in Apple’s next version of iOS. Lots of people have speculated and suggested, and so the Technology Geek wants in on that action. So here’s my list of ten features I’d love to see in iOS 7.

1. Inter-app communication.

I believe this is something most users and developers would be happy to see. Something along the lines of what Android does would be nice. Of course, something better would be even nicer. Even if they opened up the share sheets to third party developers, that would be a start.

2. The ability to change the default apps.

OS-X can do it, so there’s no reason they can’t let you do it on iOS. I would love to be able to set the default camera to Instagram, so when I use the lock screen button it goes to Instagram. It would be nice to change the default browser to chrome (if one was so inclined – personally, I’m not) and so on.

3. A better keyboard, especially on the iPad.

A way to move more easily between characters would be really nice. The standard “tap and hold with the zoom bubble” is a real pain, especially if you’ve just made a simple mistake. I know Steve Jobs hated arrow keys, but there’s a reason they’re still on most (physical) keyboards. iA Writer has a great keyboard. Something like that would be nice.

4. The ability to quickly access device settings without having to dig through menus.

Android has a great solution to this problem, and there are dozens or really good mock-ups out there that would also work well. The current method is a real pain and is starting to make iOS look a little long in the tooth.

5. The ability to select only raw or only jpeg files when importing photos using the camera connection kit.

I know this isn’t a big deal for most people, but as a photographer, it actually stops me from using the iPad more. At the moment, importing whole card full of Raw+Jpeg images takes ages, frequently crashes out, and uses up tonnes of space. Many photographers shoot Raw + Jpeg, and use iPads, but often, all you want to do is check the images on your iPad and will use the raw files later on your main computer.

7. Fix the wifi reliability.

Considering the ubiquity of iPads, the fact that it still has issues with public wi-fi hot spots is a pain. If you have never had any issues, good for you. But I have, everyone I know has, and loads of people on the inter-webs have, so, accept it and move on.

8. Widgets in the notification centre.

The Apple ones are nice, but I’ve no interest in seeing Apple’s stock price every day, and I suspect a lot of people don’t so give us the option to put something more useful in there.

9. More customisation and information on the lock screen.

One of the features many people really like about Android, and in fact, it is one of the reasons many people switch, is that you can put lots of useful information on the lock screen. It doesn’t need to be much, but give us something Apple. Even the weather forecast would be a step up.

10. Ability to calibrate the screen.

Lovely and all as the retina display is, there is still a wide variation in the calibration of displays, and as with all screens, the colour can shift over time. I’ve read story after story of people returning iPads and iPhones because of the screen calibration. I’ve even done this myself, as my second attempt at getting an iPad three was practically purple. With so many professionals and designers using iPad, we really need the ability to properly calibrate the screen. I’m sure the likes of pantone and x-rite would love to make iOS calibration devices too.

I’m sure lots of people have their own priorities for what they would like in iOS 7 and these are just mine. Feel free to add your own suggestions below, but try to keep it to things Apple might realistically do.

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Photographer Travels the World Taking Pictures of Abandoned Airplane Wrecks

Beautiful images, and a stark serene beauty seeing these once powerful machines lying in their graves. A really beautiful set of images.

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The peril of ‘showrooming’

Interesting dilemma faced by physical retailers who have to deal with people coming in to try products before going home to buy them online.

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Google Glass: No advertising allowed, developers told

And the terms and conditions also state that developer’s can’t charge for Apps either.


So, in other words, don’t bother.

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Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available!

I love the way Adobe does these public betas. Great way to get feedback and squash bugs

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Why iOS Should Have Display Calibration

IMG 2528

As both a designer and a photographer, I’m particularly sensitive to viewing accurate colours. It’s kind of an obsession that has been drilled in to me by years of working with fussy clients. I suspect I’m not alone in that either. When it comes to Apple’s iOS devices, especially the iPad, the retina display equipped tablet has been a great addition to the average imaging professional’s toolkit. Despite the technological advances of Apple’s displays however, they can still present the same problem for anyone who needs accurate colour: inaccurate calibration.

All modern screens have variations in their white balance. No matter how good the manufacturing, this is still an issue. And it’s been an issue for many of us fussy people since the iPad came out. Personally, I had big problems with my iPad 3. It took me 3 attempts to get one that was acceptable, and even then, I wasn’t entirely happy with it. Many people have posted about having to deal with the same problem. In my case my screen was distinctly pink. The calibration wasn’t just a little off, but it was way off. It’s not just designers and photographers either who notice this. I’ve read stories of people returning iPads ten and eleven times before getting one without flaws. While there have been many other issues too (dirt under the screen etc) the number one issue with iPad and iPhone displays seems to be caused by badly calibrated screens.

These returns must be costing Apple a fortune. While it clearly can afford it, at the end of the day, most of these problems could be solved if Apple simply allowed the display on iOS devices to be calibrated by the user. It could be simple as a colour temperature slider, or as sophisticated as adding an SDK to allow third parties to develop proper calibration hardware that connects to the lightning port. If you’re thinking that, perhaps the hardware isn’t capable of handling this type of calibration, you’d be wrong. There’s already a software tool for calibrating the display of iOS devices on Cydia if you jailbreak your device. I don’t want to jailbreak my iPad though, and I suspect many others don’t either.

The iPad in particular has been a great tool for designers and photographers. This might seem like a minor issue, and it certainly doesn’t affect usability (except when the calibration is really off. )
A simple software calibration option would make a huge difference, especially if you’ve been unlucky enough to get an iPad or iPhone which as less than optimal calibration from the factory. In the post-pc era more and more people are using tablets as their primary or secondary computing device, or will do in the future. For imaging professionals, a correctly calibrated display is more of a necessity than a luxury. At the end of the day, a simple software fix could save Apple money in the long run. I just hope Apple will realise this sooner rather than later.

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Star Wars Vs Star Trek

Check out this very cleverly edited mashup of Star Trek and Star Wars. It’s pretty much all done with footage from the tv show and the Star Wars movies, yet pulls off a convincing narrative. Oh, and it’s pretty funny too !

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Chinese man steals iPhone from bicyclist using chopsticks

Yes, you read that right.

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What Bitcoins Are All About

A handy explanation from Mac Observer if, like me, you’ve been wondering just what all the fuss is about. I’m still not entirely sure I get it mind you, but anyway!

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US Mac Sales Data All Over The Place

Market tracker IDC says Apple’s Q1 Mac shipments in the US fell 7.5 percent year-on-year, while rival company Gartner says they increased 7.4 percent in the same period. Meantime, the NPD Group – which measures sales rather than shipments – says those are up 14 percent …
From 9-5 Mac

Oh dear. No one really knows, do they. And these companies get paid a lot of money for their Analysis.

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App Gratis CEO details the events surrounding his App being pulled from the App Store

A very detailed blog post from Simon Dawlat, the CEO of the much publicised App Gratis which was pulled from the App store last week. While it’s only one side of the story, he documents everything pretty well, and it’s hard to see this as anything but a backdoor policy shift on these kinds of apps by apple. Simon Dawlat is pretty pissed one way or the other.

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