The Technology Geek’s Top 10 Wishes for iOS 7

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We know it’s coming and we know it will have Jonny Ive’s design stamp on it, but feature wise, I don’t think anyone has had any solid rumours of what might be in Apple’s next version of iOS. Lots of people have speculated and suggested, and so the Technology Geek wants in on that action. So here’s my list of ten features I’d love to see in iOS 7.

1. Inter-app communication.

I believe this is something most users and developers would be happy to see. Something along the lines of what Android does would be nice. Of course, something better would be even nicer. Even if they opened up the share sheets to third party developers, that would be a start.

2. The ability to change the default apps.

OS-X can do it, so there’s no reason they can’t let you do it on iOS. I would love to be able to set the default camera to Instagram, so when I use the lock screen button it goes to Instagram. It would be nice to change the default browser to chrome (if one was so inclined – personally, I’m not) and so on.

3. A better keyboard, especially on the iPad.

A way to move more easily between characters would be really nice. The standard “tap and hold with the zoom bubble” is a real pain, especially if you’ve just made a simple mistake. I know Steve Jobs hated arrow keys, but there’s a reason they’re still on most (physical) keyboards. iA Writer has a great keyboard. Something like that would be nice.

4. The ability to quickly access device settings without having to dig through menus.

Android has a great solution to this problem, and there are dozens or really good mock-ups out there that would also work well. The current method is a real pain and is starting to make iOS look a little long in the tooth.

5. The ability to select only raw or only jpeg files when importing photos using the camera connection kit.

I know this isn’t a big deal for most people, but as a photographer, it actually stops me from using the iPad more. At the moment, importing whole card full of Raw+Jpeg images takes ages, frequently crashes out, and uses up tonnes of space. Many photographers shoot Raw + Jpeg, and use iPads, but often, all you want to do is check the images on your iPad and will use the raw files later on your main computer.

7. Fix the wifi reliability.

Considering the ubiquity of iPads, the fact that it still has issues with public wi-fi hot spots is a pain. If you have never had any issues, good for you. But I have, everyone I know has, and loads of people on the inter-webs have, so, accept it and move on.

8. Widgets in the notification centre.

The Apple ones are nice, but I’ve no interest in seeing Apple’s stock price every day, and I suspect a lot of people don’t so give us the option to put something more useful in there.

9. More customisation and information on the lock screen.

One of the features many people really like about Android, and in fact, it is one of the reasons many people switch, is that you can put lots of useful information on the lock screen. It doesn’t need to be much, but give us something Apple. Even the weather forecast would be a step up.

10. Ability to calibrate the screen.

Lovely and all as the retina display is, there is still a wide variation in the calibration of displays, and as with all screens, the colour can shift over time. I’ve read story after story of people returning iPads and iPhones because of the screen calibration. I’ve even done this myself, as my second attempt at getting an iPad three was practically purple. With so many professionals and designers using iPad, we really need the ability to properly calibrate the screen. I’m sure the likes of pantone and x-rite would love to make iOS calibration devices too.

I’m sure lots of people have their own priorities for what they would like in iOS 7 and these are just mine. Feel free to add your own suggestions below, but try to keep it to things Apple might realistically do.

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  • Dan

    Option to allow anyone to update apps!!