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Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available!

I love the way Adobe does these public betas. Great way to get feedback and squash bugs

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Bullet Proof from Red Giant

BulletProof from Red Giant

Red giant launched a very interesting new product during NAB this week. Called “BulletProof“, it is a digital asset management system for video. Actually, that description really doesn’t do it justice, as it’s much more than that. It’s been designed to solve some of the problems that modern tapeless digital cameras present, from organising and metadata management to basic colour correction and transcoding. In many ways it’s like a version of Lightroom for video.

Stu Maschwitz over at ProLost has a good run down of the features and there’s a great video interview with Stu from the guys at Fresh DV on his site in which he explains some of the features and shows off the software. It looks great if you’re a video professional, or even a photographer stepping up into video. They are accepting requests to join the public beta programme now and the software will eventually sell for a very reasonable $199 when it is ready.

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Sorenson Media Launches Squeeze 9

Sorenson is still around?

Fond memories of the Sorenson codec. Thank god we don’t use that any more, although I got a quicktime from a client not so long ago encoded with the old Sorenson codec.

All kidding aside, Squeeze is a pretty good programme, or so I’ve been told. I never use it myself. Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder do pretty much everything I need.

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A Time Machine Backup is indispensable

Everyone should have a backup. You’ve probably heard that dozens of times, and yet a remarkable amount of people still don’t have one. And it’s true, it can be something that you keep putting off, right up until it bites you in the ass. But Apple’s time machine really did make backups easy so there’s no reason not to have one. It can save you in ways you wouldn’t think of too. It’s not just good for recovering lost documents or pictures, it can get you out of some real problems. Here’s an example…

Today for some reason Mail crashed on me. Then, every time I went to try and re-launch it, nothing I tried worked. I repaired permissions, I deleted preferences, you name it I tried it. In the end I suspected it was something to do with a corrupt mailbox, but I have a few so I had no way of knowing which was the culprit. Luckily, time machine came to my rescue. I simply deleted the while mail folder then restored it from time machine from this morning, before the crash. Anything in my mailboxes since then would still be on the server anyway as I use iMAP, but anyway, my little trick work and now mail is back behaving itself again as if nothing happened. 

Moral of the story, make sure you have a backup, and not just of important documents, but of everything.

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